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Introducing a display that knows what you own.  

The Atomic Form 27" Digital Display seamlessly connects to our backend software that aggregates and organizes the NFTs and crypto art that you own. 

Designed with leading engineers and digital artists, users will be able to control the display via web app or manual controls, located on the back of the frame. Users can control the size, aspect ratio, and color of the matte, including information about each piece such as artist, name, and contract address of the NFT. 

Our displays will only show NFTs that you own, with the ability to lend and borrow NFTs with friends that also own Atomic Form Digital Displays.

Each display comes with a beautiful maple frame. Installation is as easy as fixing our mounting hardware to your wall, sliding in the display, and plugging it into an outlet. Alternatively, this display can be hardwired directly into the wall. Users can easily rotate the display to change the orientation, without having to remove the display from the wall. 

Frame prices increase once pre-order has ended. Shipping Fall 2021.

27" diagonal display
16:9 aspect ratio
4K LCD IPS display
120C and 230V power adapter
HDMI port
Bluetooth capability for audio 
Custom rotating mount
Manual user controls recessed from view
Plug-in cord, with ability to hardwire 
'Slideshow mode' or a single displayed image

Why only display NFTs you verifiably own?  We're here to help define art ownership for the new generation of artists and marketplaces. Our aggregator makes it easy to connect and organize your wallets from most NFT marketplaces. We check with the blockchain to confirm you own a specific NFT. Sorry, you will not be able to download a .jpg and cast on our displays.

How does it work? Read about how the Atomic Form Aggregator works here.

 See our Pre-Order Terms and Conditions.