YM&U x Atomic Form

Slimesunday x Phillips

August 2021 – Atomic Form provided hardware support and blockchain connectivity for two pieces from Slimesunday's "What the Fork" sale at Phillips, titled "Growth" and "Replace & Repeat". Both NFTs are accompanied by a TV and connected to the blockchain through an Atomic Form Photon. The NFT owners received the frames and Photons.

"Growth" is among the highlights of this series. Utilizing blockchain technology, each time Slimesunday experiences censorship, the event will trigger the piece to partially decensor itself. Gradually over months or years, the piece will transform as Slimesunday’s works are removed and banned by various platforms and institutions, counteracting the individual censorship events. 

"Replace & Repeat" features a close-up of sitter, Diana Merimskaia’s breast photographed by Jordan Knight. In this digital loop, Slimesunday replaces Diana’s nipple with an animation that cycles through hand-selected and curated images of objects found in local antique shops. He also includes a photograph of a male nipple to demonstrate the hypocrisy of censorship. The NFT cycles through the various images in a looping state and can also be paused on a single frame. The artist will periodically add new images of objects to the smart contract, and as the piece evolves, the owner will possess a wider variety to choose from for display.


The Atomic Form team testing "Replace and Repeat" and "Growth" at home.