Wave Start-up

Wave Start-Up

- To initiate Wave start-up, plug in Power cable. This will bring up the Wifi connection screen. Follow steps on screen to connect to Wifi.

- The Wave must be on the same Wifi source as the device you are using for set up (i.e. phone or computer) 


- Once connected to Wifi, visit app.atomicform.art This will prompt you to create a username and to sign into a wallet such as Metamask.

- Make sure to connect to the Wave through the app with the Add Device option.

- Once signed in and connected to the Wave as well as a wallet, users have free reign to drag and drop the assets within their wallet. Once an image is displaying on the Wave, there are also further options within the app to fit the image to the screen, mount it with a colored background, display the artist name and title of the piece, etc. 


- The Wave’s mounting system can be attached to a wall with the included screws and anchors. Anchors are recomended if the mount is being screwed directly to drywall rather than studs in the wall.

- The circular piece on the rear of the Wave will slide into the mount and allow for full rotation of the display.

- For displays in galleries, we recommend white gaffer’s tape to cover the power chord.


Feel free to reach out to contact@atomicform.com with any questions on the set-up process, or with any other feedback.