We value your feedback.

This is the page for all things related to our pre-order feedback. If you have received an F2 (formerly known as a Beta+), then you’ve come to the right place! This process is incentivized, which means that the more high quality feedback you provide, the more you qualify for in the future. This could be airdrops, early access to platform features, or an invite to an exclusive Discord group. 

To send in feedback for the F2 Wave or the Atomic Form Hub, please email If possible, please include:

  • Description of the issue and steps to reproduce it
  • A photo/screenshot of issue occurring
  • Questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement

Inventory of things we already have identified!

If you run into any of the following issues, rest assured that we either 1) already know about them and have a plan of attack or 2) they are complicated items that may not make it into our roadmap.

  • NFT types that not supported:
    • Generative Art: NFTs that are not fixed images or videos and instead adapt due to other parameters in real time (and thus require a browser).
    • ENS domains
    • Artblocks: We love the squiggles. However, these require a browser with fairly high hardware performance in order to play smooth. Other HTML NFTs also fall into this category.
    • Beyond 4K Resolution: Are displays support up to 4K, but videos beyond 3840 x 2160 pixels will struggle or not work at all.
    • Older mp4 video files. To support 4K videos at 30 frames per second, we needed to use an OpenGL based player. Unfortunately, that means older file formats are less performant. We are working on an way to re=encode.
  • NFTs with non-standard metadata: Given the flexibility of NFT metadata, it is sometimes very difficult to find the video or image files within the metadata. We are working on a normalization strategy to address this data fragmentation.
  • NFTs with broken links: There are times when the IPFS links for an NFT are no longer valid and we can’t access the media!
  • Minting: NFT assets that have been minted but not sold/transferred will not appear
  • Wifi: 
    • We have worked hard to make our wifi pairing as smooth as possible. However, there are situations that we can’t overcome yet. Examples:
      • Wifi connections that require accepting terms of service.
      • Wifi connections that require a username.
      • Wifi connections that require payment processing.