What is Atomic Form?

Atomic Form is an initiative to blend the physical and digital realms by creating hardware and software for digital art via the NFT standard. We develop solutions so that you can display or lend what you verifiably own including custom display modules, casting devices (coming soon), an aggregator and lending service.

What are your displays, really?

The Atomic Form Digital Displays are specially designed LCD displays that are ultra thin, designed to be left on for long amounts of time, and have both hardware and software controls. We’ve worked with leading engineers to create a custom solution for artists and consumers in the crypto art ecosystem.

Will I lose my NFTs if I lose or break my frame?

No. We never take custody over your NFT collection or anything you own. Your keys, your NFTs. Our job to authenticate that this is true.

How does the aggregator work?

After you provide us with your wallet address and/or custodial NFT websites, our aggregator will search/query for every NFT you own and cache them in our server for faster future queries (to check if you still own those pieces). Once your wallet (or wallets) has been loaded into our user interface, you can manage and organize your NFTs into collections that can be connected to an Atomic Form Digital Display. 

How does lending and borrowing work?

Lending and borrowing works by signing messages/receipts that clarify the intent to share a work with a specific address or group of addresses. The Atomic Form aggregator handles this as though the lendee temporarily owns the piece as well, allowing the lendee to organize the work into a provisional collection on their frame.

When will the display ship?

Due to a global semiconductor shortage, our timeline to ship the frame is Fall 2021. We’re working on releasing other products in the interim, so stay tuned and watch for future updates on our Twitter page.

What happens during periods of Ethereum congestion?

Because we do not take custody or require the transfer of your NFTs into our platform, Ethereum congestion has no impact on our aggregator or display. We connect to a private node that keeps up to date, using that secure and dedicated connection to keep up to date with the state of Ethereum (regardless of the network’s condition). 

Does this integrate with the Ethereum Blockchain directly?

Yes, we connect directly to the Ethereum blockchain for data, user-verification and login, as well as in-development features such as lending. The same process is true for other blockchains and websites.

Do you accept cryptocurrency as payment?

Yes, we accept cryptocurrency and credit/debit cards as payment.